Esports' Disruptive New Frontier

: Will Norton
: $6
: Dec 31, 2018
: Dec 31, 2018
: MCC-01418
: Digital PDF
: 19 pages
: 3 pages

The world of Esports may have started in the basements and living rooms of hundreds of teenagers around the world, but the race to commercialize this growing industry segment is one of the hottest trending topics in today’s sport business landscape. This case systematically reviews specific Esports stakeholders dictating industry activity, contrasting the evolution of current Esports games, leagues, venues, media, and players with those of 'traditional' stick-and-ball sports business sectors. Students are challenged to plot a new course forward for this amorphous, yet booming, sports and entertainment industry segment. What should Esports borrow from the templates of yesterday's sport management best practices? Where do opportunities exist to plot a new frontier, and reveal strategies for winning the ever changing, increasingly digital share of mind of tomorrow's sports consumers? 


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