Dow Chemical & Olympic Brand Fit

: Rachel Chambers & Nola Agha
: $6
: Jan 1, 2019
: Jan 1, 2019
: MCC-01919
: Digital PDF
: 13 pages
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In 2010, Dow Chemical signed on for 10 years as the Official Chemical Company and Worldwide Olympic Partner of the IOC. With a controversial past regarding environmental sustainability, corporate citizenship, and sport sponsorship impact, Dow implemented ambitious sustainability goals in 2014 in order to better align with the brand image of the Olympics. This case illustrates the environmental points of friction both Dow Chemical and the Olympic Games have been involved with, acknowledges their recent sustainability goals and objectives, and evaluates the successes and failures of policy implementation. The case is designed to addresses the theory of brand fit, and the challenges and key decisions a brand like Dow must confront as it reconciles its business model with its status as the IOC's "Official Carbon Partner" prior to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 

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