Corruption & The World’s Game - A Sponsorship Dilemma

: Kevin Filo
: $6
: Nov 1, 2015
: Jul 1, 2017
: MCC-00917
: Digital PDF
: 11 pages
: 10 pages

A long time sponsor of FIFA, National American Brewing Company (NABC) is fresh off a wildly successful 2014 Men’s World Cup activation when scandal rocks FIFA’s leadership group and casts a shadow on all involved. As the optics get worse and pressure mounts from media, fans, and internal stakeholders, NABC has a decision to make, one that may shape the future of their sponsorship portfolio and directly impact their business for better or worse. Students are tasked with conducting a cost benefit analysis on both sides of the issue, and creating a management recommendation to senior leadership outlining both the company’s path forward, and a communication plan to execute it. Learning opportunities abound from this real world case touching business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sponsorship management.

Sponsorship Marketing Communications

Sport Sponsorship Strategic Communications Business Ethics