Trophy Time: Can a CRM Campaign Make the Difference for Dinn?

: Steve McKelvey
: $6
: Dec 20, 2017
: May 15, 2018
: MCC-00817
: Digital PDF
: 10 pages
: 7 pages

Cause-related marketing (CRM) has become one of the more popular tactics in the sales promotion toolkit for companies seeking to create a point of difference and drive short-term sales. This case study educates on the potential benefits and pitfalls of CRM campaigns, and places students on the marketing team of one of the country's leading sports trophy companies, Dinn Trophy. Based on the highly commoditized nature of the sports trophy business, this case challenges students to develop a transaction-based CRM campaign. Specifically, students need to research and recommend a charity that provides a compelling "fit" for Dinn, and then develop a transaction-based campaign that includes a digital and social media component that best leverages the chosen CRM campaign.

Sales Promotion Cause Related Marketing

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