Kwarter: Social Gamification in a Sports Tech Start-Up

: Nola Agha
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: Oct 1, 2015
: Oct 1, 2015
: MCC-00217
: Digital PDF
: 13 pages
: 17 pages

This case presents a classic start-up dilemma: prioritizing effort and resources to maximize growth. But Kwarter’s primary product was anything but classic. In a multi-screen world, Kwarter’s phone app was created to augment the first-screen TV viewing experience, effectively gamifying the live event through mobile engagement. With a B2C business model requiring sufficient volume to generate revenues from sponsors and advertisers, and a B2B model with Turner Broadcasting focused on integration, Kwarter found themselves straddling two markets and supporting both a consumer product and a business platform. With limited resources, Kwarter must decide which product to focus on, what features it must prioritize, and which business model works best. In making these decisions, readers also learn about the incredible growth of mobile devices, the ways consumer behaviors are adapting to these new technologies, and how gamification is being used to take advantage of these trends

Product Innovation Strategic Decision Making

Sport Strategy Marketing Consumer Behavior