The MLBPA's Communications Dilemma

: Greg Bouris
: $6
: Jun 25, 2019
: May 1, 2019
: MCC01719
: Digital PDF
: 10 pages
: 8 pages

Written by the MLBPA's former Director of Communications Greg Bouris, this case takes students inside the history of communications challenges relative to smokeless tobacco usage in professional baseball. The case examines a myriad of stakeholders involved in the private, and public, messaging surrounding this 'hot button' issue, from players, to public advocacy groups, to teams, to Commissioner Bud Selig and the United States Congress. With careful consideration of the nuances surrounding collective bargaining and the underlying legal framework binding the league to its labor union, the case demonstrates how a communications team should tactfully manage a complex issue amidst changes to policy, public sentiment, and labor positioning. After absorbing the theory and facts of the case, students are tasked with drafting strategic position statements written at varying points of time within the overall case timeline. 

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