Thought Leadership Spotlight Series

Antiracism or Bust: The Survival of Sport Business is Dependent on a Cultural Shift

We are in the midst of a movement, unlike anything we have seen in recent history.

Authored by Nefertiti A. Walker & Kwame Agyemang

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Invisible and Under the Spotlight: Surviving Sexism in Men's Professional Sport

Interviews with, and journals from, a dozen women managers working in sport captures historical and current experiences of sexism in men's professional sport.

Authored by Lauren C. Hindman & Nefertiti A. Walker

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Widening The Path to America's Pastime

Data analysis and open-ended interviews with ten (10) MLB employees establish key takeaways and recommendations regarding MLB's accessibility problem within low-income American communities

Authored by Will Norton & Kyle Bamberger

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More Than Basketball: WNBA Fandom Represents the Fight for Gender Equality

An examination of WNBA team fandom as a function of team representativeness of gender equality and the women's rights movement.

Authored by Elizabeth B. Delia

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Understanding Fan Behavior Through Fan Networks & Social Structures

Research of season ticket holders points to several practical insights regarding the creation of marketing strategies that focus more closely on network variables and fan relationships.

Authored by Matthew Katz

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Celebrating Carl Nassib, & Allowing Others to Follow His Lead

The NFL's Carl Nassib’s coming out was a watershed moment in men’s professional sport. How can sport organizations make it easier for employees to follow Nassib’s lead?

Authored by Jeffrey MacCharles, Nicole Melton

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Sports Fandom & Physical Health: Allies or Adversaries?

What is the relationship between sports fandom and physical health?

Authored by Aaron Mansfield

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