Thought Leadership Spotlight Series

Antiracism or Bust: The Survival of Sport Business is Dependent on a Cultural Shift

We are in the midst of a movement, unlike anything we have seen in recent history.

Authored by Nefertiti A. Walker & Kwame Agyemang

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Invisible and Under the Spotlight: Surviving Sexism in Men's Professional Sport

Interviews with, and journals from, a dozen women managers working in sport captures historical and current experiences of sexism in men's professional sport.

Authored by Lauren C. Hindman & Nefertiti A. Walker

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Widening The Path to America's Pastime

Data analysis and open-ended interviews with ten (10) MLB employees establish key takeaways and recommendations regarding MLB's accessibility problem within low-income American communities

Authored by Will Norton & Kyle Bamberger

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More Than Basketball: WNBA Fandom Represents the Fight for Gender Equality

An examination of WNBA team fandom as a function of team representativeness of gender equality and the women's rights movement.

Authored by Elizabeth B. Delia

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