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Maximizing Ticket Sales Revenue at State U: Time to Outsource?

With soaring prospects for on-field success, should State U outsource ticket sales or build an in-house sales department?

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Leveraging Red Sox/Yankees Sponsorship via Integrated Sales Promotion

When a regional spring water brand sponsors two iconic MLB rivals, its agency of record is tasked with crafting a buzz-worthy summer activation campaign utilizing retail sales promotion.

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Coinbase Sports Sponsorship

Utilized at the 2022 National Sports Forum Case Cup Competition, Coinbase and the NBA dive into sponsorship activation.

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Mastercard's Athlete Endorsement Strategy

Analyzing the process behind athlete endorser selection through the lens of Mastercard’s sponsorship portfolio

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Redefining the Super Bowl: An Economic Impact Analysis

Step into the shoes of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Chairman as he analyzes the San Francisco Bay Area spectacle from an economic and social impact perspective.

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Hot Stove Contracts: Incorporating Time Value of Money into MLB Free Agent Analysis

Explore concepts of risk pricing and the time value of money through an examination of Rolando Mateo’s free agent contract offers.

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Racial Injustice & The Rooney Rule

A historical examination of racial injustice and the NFL's Rooney Rule

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MiLB Winning With Pride

An education in Minor League Baseball's Bold D&I Platform

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Paying to Play in Small College Athletics

Examining DIII & NAIA college athletics financing, and the growth of non-traditional sport offerings as a means of survival

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The Big 12 Conference: Strategic Expansion in College Athletics

As talks of membership expansion bubble to the surface, the Big 12 Conference examines the potential impact to its mission, future revenues, and national brand.

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The NBA & Esports: Potential Value Chain Alignment

Evaluating the investment and operations of an NBA2K League franchise

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Negotiating the New Frontier

Negotiations 101: IMG's Barry Frank and the transformation of the sports media rights market

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