MiLB Winning With Pride

: Jeffrey MacCharles, Ben Pereira
: $6
: Jun 5, 2020
: Jun 5, 2020
: MCC-02420
: Digital PDF
: 9 pages
: 6 pages

This case outlines Minor League Baseball's (MiLB) strategic resource allocation towards diversity and inclusion, and practical steps MiLB has taken to activate its core mission and values in the sports market - most notably through its 2019 Pride campaign and Copa de la Diversion platform. Written in collaboration with MiLB's staff, the case includes data and results from the 2019 Pride program, background research on the league's organizational structure and mission, and a robust theory section highlighting subject-specific academic literature to help educate students on current trends. Written from a management lens, the theory outlined herein includes substantial analysis on the societal shifts towards the LGBTQ community, economic benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion in marketing initiatives, and the LGBTQ sport consumer. Lastly, students are tasked with applying MiLB's model to a new U.S. market through analysis of relevant data on state equality measures, and dynamics regarding the market, population and community in question. The case fosters a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion policy and practice in sport organizations. 

Diversity & Inclusion Sport Policy

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