Racial Injustice & The Rooney Rule

: Doron "Duke" Goldman
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: Jun 21, 2022
: Jun 21, 2022
: MCC-03722
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: 20 pages
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This case study places the student in the role of the first Black team president in NFL history, Jason Wright. The case study is intended to provide students with an opportunity to explore the historic nature of Wright’s hiring in the context of the Washington Football Team’s contemporaneous brand identity crisis. In addition, students will be expected to study the one hundred year- history of the NFL through its racial hiring practices, both on and off the field of play. WFT, then known as the Washington Redskins, was instrumental in the exclusion of Black players from the league and was the last NFL team to integrate. WFT’s actions in 2021 to hire a Black team president and to change their team nickname from an insensitive Native American slur provide students with an opportunity to critically examine and integrate an historic progression with a current racial and social justice challenge with multiple dimensions.

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