The Big 12 Conference: Strategic Expansion in College Athletics

: Kelsey Sampson, Nola Agha
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: Nov 22, 2017
: Nov 22, 2017
: MCC-01217
: Digital PDF
: 13 pages
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The landscape of college athletics is forever changing, and in July 2016 the Big 12 conference announced its intentions to explore a new round of expansion. The smallest of the 'Power Five' conferences in NCAA D1 FBS, the Big 12's quest for football competitiveness and the need for a conference championship game drive a complex and layered analysis of the best path forward. With consideration of the Big 12's national media rights, revenue sharing agreements, brand-building/recruiting opportunities, and structural dynamics, this case allows students to conduct both an internal and external analysis of the Conference's decision making process while weighing a myriad of stakeholder priorities. 

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