Maximizing Ticket Sales Revenue at State U: Time to Outsource?

: Steve McKelvey & Alan Pandiani
: $6
: Jul 5, 2018
: Jul 5, 2018
: MCC-01518
: Digital PDF
: 11 pages
: 7 pages

All signs are pointing toward a renaissance of on-field success for State U’s football, men’s basketball and hockey programs, suggesting that ticket demand will soon be on the upswing. This case study places students in a scenario in which a mid-major Division I university needs to decide whether to follow industry trends and outsource its ticket sales vertical or, alternatively, build an in-house sales department. After discussing the benefits and potential challenges to both tracks, and presenting three separate proposals - two from outsourcing firms, and one outlining the development of an in-house sales department - this case study challenges students to conduct a critical analysis of State U’s options and form a managerial recommendation.


Sport Sales Intercollegiate Athletics Ticketing

Sport Sales Intercollegiate Athletics Sport Marketing