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Cases addressing the unique nature of sport finance and economics, specializing in areas such as economic impact studies, stadium financing, and public/private financing methods.

Redefining the Super Bowl: An Economic Impact Analysis

Step into the shoes of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Chairman as he analyzes the San Francisco Bay Area spectacle from an economic and social impact perspective.

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Public Subsidization of Abandonment

Should the Oakland Mayor appease the Raiders and Mark Davis with a new stadium financing plan, or stand firm and risk the franchise moving on?

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A Rebirth of Rivals to the NFL Monopoly

The NFL has dealt with rival leagues throughout its decades of operation. Can a handful of modern rival leagues disrupt the NFL's dominance?

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Hot Stove Contracts: Incorporating Time Value of Money into MLB Free Agent Analysis

Explore concepts of risk pricing and the time value of money through an examination of Rolando Mateo’s free agent contract offers.

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