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Cases focused on marketing strategy, tactics, and implementation within the crowded sport marketplace, featuring subject areas such as sponsorship, CRM, ambush marketing, and brand positioning.

Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo –– A “Super” Battleground for the Cola Wars?

Two beverage rivals, one Big Game: should Coca-Cola engage in a Super Bowl ambush of NFL Official Sponsor Pepsi and, if so, what should they do?

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Managing Official Sponsorship Rights in the Face of Ambush Marketing

The Canadian Olympic Committee must quickly decide how to address two ambush marketing campaigns before the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

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Leveraging Legendary Olympic Stature: Michael Phelps’ Swimwear Decision

Which swimwear endorsement option will best position Michael Phelps’ brand toward long term “iconic” status?

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Marketing Women’s Soccer in the United States: Can Third Time Net the Golden Goal?

If America loves a winner, why is Professional Women’s Soccer struggling to grow its third league in 20 years? A lens into how we consume female sports.

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Trophy Time: Can a CRM Campaign Make the Difference for Dinn?

Can CRM help stimulate sales in the highly commoditized trophy business?

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Banking on Baseball

Sponsorship rights fuel national and local storytelling via Bank of America's #MLBMemoryBank campaign

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